Marina Sugisaki
杉崎 麻里奈
Gender: Female
Relatives: Unnamed husband, Miku Sugisaki (daughter), Ryuuta Sugisaki (son)
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First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 75
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 5 (Background)

Episode 11 (Introduced)

Voice Actors
Japanese: Kikuko Inoue

Marina Sugisaki (杉崎 麻里奈 Sugisaki Marina) is the mother of Miku and Ryuuta.



Marina has dark brown, shoulder length hair that elegantly flows around her neck while a small bun on the left side of her head holds up a small portion. Like her daughter, she too has straight cut bangs. Her eyes match the color of her hair.

Most of the time Marina is seen wearing the same outfit: a pink blazer lined in red over a yellow knee-length dress, low cut at the neck to expose cleavage, with near-black panty-hose and white dress shoes. She wears two necklaces around her neck, a smaller one with a gold chain and a gold charm and red pearl necklace that hangs slightly lower into her cleavage.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She usually appears with a smile on her face and acts rather incompetent. Frequently, she embarrasses Miku with her odd interests such as "safariing", and cataloging unusual children in her daughter's class. She is most interested in Marui Mitsuba due to the girl's sadistic and brash attitude, so Marina's submissive behavior naturally attracted her. Mitsuba, on the other hand, is creeped out by the clingy behavior. Marina offers many invitations to the Marui triplets to visit and offers gift to Mitsuba, she is part of the reason for the eventual friendship between her daughter and the triplets.


Miku SugisakiEdit

Ryuuta SugisakiEdit

Mitsuba MaruiEdit



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