Junji Yoshioka
吉岡 純次
Mr yoshioka
Gender: Male
Age: -
Relatives: Saeko Yoshioka (wife), Yuki Yoshioka (daughter)
Other names: -
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 135
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 6 (second season)
Voice Actors
Japanese: Tomoyuki Shimura

Junji Yoshioka (吉岡 純次 Yoshioka Junji) is Yuki's father and Saeko's husband.



Junji often dresses casually, with loose or unbuttoned shirts. He has dark, wavy hair and a short beard. He also has large eyebrows, which his daughter inherited from him. Sometimes he wears reading glasses.

Personality and InterestsEdit

At first glance, Junji has the air of an aloof lothario.

It is revealed in Chapter 166 of the manga that Junji is an author for children's books, although his sole appearance in the anime only shows him to be Saeko's husband. Most of the time, he seems like a very carefree person, and is usually seen lounging around the house when Yuki has friends over. A particular thing that Mitsuba and others picked up on is that he has an odd habit of drinking wine in the middle of the day.


Saeko YoshiokaEdit

Junji and Saeko are husband and wife and are very lovey-dovey, even in public. Their relationship sometimes seems to be a little one-sided as well, since Saeko is always swooning over him or attacking other women/girls who she imagines are trying to steal him away from her. In their interactions, he comes off as aloof.

Yuki Yoshioka Edit


Junji as he appears to Saeko at the PTA meeting.

Junji has kept the fact that he writes children's picture books a secret from Yuki; she only knows that he works as a writer, but she doesn't know what sorts of things he writes. In fact, he continually tries to get her to read his books, hoping that she will like them. He gets Saeko to push them on Yuki, but she never wants to read them, not knowing that her father wrote them. This has apparently been going on since Yuki was very young.



Junji in the manga.

He appears in Chapter 135 of the manga and Episode 6 of Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!. He was at the parent-teacher meeting Yabe organized. There, he manages to completely distract his wife, the PTA president, from pursing the issue of the stalker simply by touching her arm.

His further appearances are only in the manga. In Chapter 142, he is seen again at the Yoshioka house when Mitsuba, Futaba, Sugisaki, and Miyashita go to visit Yuki when she's sick. During this episode, Saeko ends up thinking that Mitsuba is trying to seduce Junji. Later, in Chapter 166, Yoshioka mentions that her father is a writer and Hitoha imagines that he must be a writer of the kinds of erotic novels that she always reads, so she arranges to meet them at the Yoshioka home. Here, they end up learning that he actually writes children's books.


  • His drawn outline is similar to that of Soujirou, showing masculinity.

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