Ichirouta Ogata
緒方 一郎太
Gender: Male
Relatives: Airi Ogata (younger sister)
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First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 135
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 6 (second season)
Voice Actors
Japanese: Yuki Kaji

Ichirouta Ogata (緒方 一郎太 Ogata Ichirota) is Airi's older brother. He is a policeman.



Personality and InterestsEdit


Airi OgataEdit


"But what a beauty she is! She never ceases to amaze me!" Ichirouta in Chapter 224
He loves his sister dearly. Airi is embarassed of his public affections for her but she loves him too. She even tries to hide him the fact that she loves Satou, such as in Chapter 224, in which she is making a Valentine chocolate for Satou but as soon as her brother asks for who the chocolate is, she gives it to him, without telling him about Satou. Ichirouta was so happy for it that he spent licking it for one entire month, despite the chocolate was already stinking.


He appears in Episode 6 of the second season. He was at the parent-teacher meeting Yabecchi organized. When Satou's mother shows concerns about her son being stalked by the Hopeless Squad, Airi appears and discovers that her brother is in the reunion. She appears to be surprised that Satou is getting stalked, without realizing that she is the stalker in question. She even encourages Ichirouta to arrest the stalker. To protect her from knowing the truth, Yabe says that he'll be in charge of the matter.

He reappears in Chapter 135 of the manga, at the parent-teacher meeting. In Chapter 224 Airi was making a Valentine chocolate for Satou but after Ichirouta asked her for who was the chocolate, she gave it to him. Later he spent licking it for one month until a colleague woke him up of his trance. Ichirouta decided to make a candy for Airi, since it was March. After watching Futaba's drawing skills he asks her to get Airi, but she misunderstoods it and believes Airi needs to get arrested.


  • He has a photo of Airi in his desk
  • He admitted to Soujirou Marui that is already a routine for the policemen to arrest him, much to Soujirou's chagrin.