Serious Squadron Gachi Rangers
Gender: -
Age: -
Relatives: -
Other names: -
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 42
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 1 (second season)
Voice Actors
Japanese: -
Serious Squadron Gachi Rangers (本気戦隊ガチレンジャー Honki Sentai Gachirenjā) is a fictional television series and toy franchise in the Mitsudomoe universe, similar to Super Sentai or Power Rangers.


Mascot: Creepon

Weapons and AttributesEdit

  • Gachi Red- Is full of passion for justice, says "gachi" at the end of every sentence. Weapon: Spiked knuckles
  • Gachi Blue- Has IQ of over 200, has a rivalry with Gachi Red. Weapon: Morning Star
  • Gachi Black- Silent, loves eating curry even during missions. Weapon: Plate of super spicy curry
  • Gachi Yellow- Youngest of the team, hates being called a child .Weapon: Slingshot
  • Gachi Pink- Only female, good at disguises, takes care of Creepon. Weapon: Paper Fan.
  • Gachi Green- Hiro's big brother, is a serious guy who hold's a grudge against people who invade Japan. Weapon: Mido Sword

Known Attacks Edit

  • Gachi Knuckle
  • Gachi Kick
  • Gachi Lariat
  • Gachi Sobat
  • Gachi Suplex (including the Double-Underhook Gachi Suplex)
  • Flying Gachi Elbow
  • Gachi Morning Star
  • Gachi Sling
  • Gachi Harisen (paper fan)
  • Spicy Curry
  • Gachi Solar
  • Gachi Sun Flash
  • Gachi Javelin
  • Burning Slash




  • The first episode of the second season of Mitsudomoe consists almost entirely of an episode of Gachi Rangers, being watched by the Marui triplets.