Tetsuya Aozaki
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Relatives: -
Other names: Tet Aozaki (Nickname)
First Appearance(Manga): Chapter 42
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 1 (second season)
Voice Actors
Japanese: Tetsuya Kakihara

Tetsuya Aozaki (青崎徹也 Aozaki Tetsuya) is Gachi Blue.



As the Gachi Blue

Tetsuya is the thinker of the group. He is a flash reader and has an IQ of 200. He has a friendly rivalry with Gachi Red. He claims to be able to see through all the twists and turns of opportunity to make appointments immediately. During missions, he sits at the wheel of the Gachi Jeep. When he transforms into Gachi Blue, his weapon is a morning star.



He appears in Episode 1 of the second season. After the Gachi Rangers discover that the evil Gedol Empire is trying to eliminate children from the Saitama District by turning them into piles of bubbles, they decide to stop it. Gachi Blue and Gachi Black get lost in the street, only for their jeep to get exploded by Crabron. Later, they joined the other Gachi Rangers and helped them fight Crabron, culminating in a giant robot vs. monster duel. Upon defeating him, all the children return back to normal.


  • Yabecchi declared himself to be a fan of Gachi Blue