Chikubi no Henka
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Artist: Momoko Saitou
Lyrics: Ken'ichi Maeyamada
Composer: Ken'ichi Maeyamada
Arrangement: Ken'ichi Maeyamada

The Change of Chikubi (チクビの七変化 , Chikubi no Henka) is the character song of Chikubi in Mitsudomoe. It is sung by Momoko Saitou, in the voice of Chikubi.


  • There are no specific lyrics for this song because the song is just squeaking sounds of the hamster.
  • In the Chikubi character song CD, the song was referred to as Chikubi no Shichi Henge. The song reappears at the CD Mitsudomoe OST Mitsudomo BEST, where it is referred as Chikubi no Henka.

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