Akari Satou
佐藤 あかり
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Relatives: Masanobu Satou (husband), Eri Satou (daughter), Shinya Satou (son)
Other names:
First Appearance(Manga):
First Appearance(Anime) Episode 5 (Background)

Episode 4 (second season, Introduced)

Voice Actors
Japanese: Yuuko Sanpei

Akari Satou (佐藤 あかり Sato Akari) is the mother of Shinya and Eri and the wife of Masanobu Satou.



Akari has medium-long hair and brown eyes.

Personality and InterestsEdit

She is shown to be very protective of her son, publicly concerned that someone was stalking him at the parent- teacher meeting.


Shinya SatouEdit

Her son. She has little tolerance for his "perverted" side and will lock him out of the house as a result.

Futaba MaruiEdit

Akari likes Futaba and seems intent to betroth Satou to Futaba, often saying that she considers her worthy of her son.

Kazumi ChibaEdit

Akari was Kazumi’s friend and kohai in school. They are still good friends, though Akari is easily annoyed of her perverted attitude, just like in the case of their sons.



  • Yuuko Sanpei, her seiyuu, also voices Satou.
  • In a readers poll celebrating 300 issues of Mitsudomoe, she came in 14th place.

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